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We offer a variety of massage types from which to select. Explore the techniques that we use and choose the best fitting option to suit your preference.



What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a time-honored practice known to be an effective healing tool for those seeking alternative treatments. Not only does massage help to improve physical pain/tension it may also boost your mood, leaving you with a sense of over-all wellness. At Flōt Nōla, we offer a variety of massage techniques to achieve a result that satisfies your relevant needs. Your skilled massage therapist will ask the necessary questions to appropriate the best type of massage technique for you.


 benefits of massage therapy

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Massage Menu


Therapeutic Massage



Deep Tissue Massage



 Prenatal Massage


30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes


30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes


60 Minutes









$ 95



Upgrade your massage service by adding from the following selections.


hot stone

Magnify your relaxation experience by upgrading your massage with hot stones. Warm basalt stones are expertly worked into targeted areas of built up tension in the muscles, relaxing you deeper and making your overall massage more effective.

$20 Add On

Foot Scrub

Exfoliate away the tired from your feet. A luxurious scrub will be applied to your feet and worked into the skin in circular movements, polishing away dull, dead skin cells to reveal glowing, soft skin.

10 Minutes | $20

Facelift Massage

Advanced massage techniques used on the facial muscles help to move stagnant fluid that holds toxins and revitalizes the tensegrity of the tissues. These time honored techniques promote a healthy glow and bounce that most topical skin care products are unable to achieve.

15 Minutes | $20


$20 Add on


warm Himalayan Salt stone massage

Pink Himalayan salt that is pressed into the shape of a hefty stone is heated and massaged into areas of particular tension, increasing circulation. Pink Himalayan salt stones also provide a gentle exfoliation that is both relaxing and invigorating. The stones are also believed to help balance the energy in the body by balancing negative and positive ions.

$20 Add On


Chi (energy) points on the feet are pin pointed to reach internal balance of yin and yang. The therapist will use a special rosewood tool to achieve various levels of intuitive release so that harmony may be restored throughout the body.

30 Minutes | $50

Back Scrub

Enhance your service by adding a refreshing scrub. Exfoliation of the hard to reach back area is rewarding in that it promotes both detoxification and glowing skin, do not forget that it also feels amazing!

15 Minutes | $20


Massage Membership

 Making the time to take care of yourself is important so we’ve created a few options to help you do just that. A monthly massage membership will help you reduce stress, tension, pain and get you on the right path to living and being a healthier version of yourself.  

Membership Benefits

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Select from a 60 or 90 minute session for your monthly membership.

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Receive an additional 10% discount on other services and various products.

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Choose from 15 minutes of oxygen bar therapy or hydrotherapy to add to your monthly massage.

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For each referral you send us we will show our gratitude by giving rewards which will vary from season to season.


Massage membership Pricing

The massage membership includes a monthly therapeutic massage (choose the duration), a 15 minute complementary add on of oxygen therapy or hydrotherapy each month, a 10% discount on additional services/products and also be rewarded per each referral you send our way!

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