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Skin Should Glow.

Here at Flōt Nōla, we combine specially designed deep cleansing and advanced massage techniques to help stimulate radiance, and restore youthful vitality back to your face. Lack-luster skin transforms into sheer luminescence with our opulent, signature organic and results oriented facials.


Skincare Benefits


Your skin says a lot about you, so should your skincare..


Are you interested in improving the health, quality and appearance of your skin? With a regular skincare routine and treatment plan you will come to notice several positive changes in your skin. Lines that may have already started to form will soften or even diminish and a youthful/glowing bounce that hadn’t been there for a while will return. Any hyper-pigmentation or scarring will also begin to fade quicker and the instance of developing those skin problems again are less likely with regular skin care treatments. Daily skin care routines and monthly deep cleansing professional treatments will hydrate, correct, strengthen your skins immune function and stimulate new cellular growth.

Whether you are trying to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of your skin, even-out skin discoloration, reduce redness or clear acne-prone skin, we have a treatment that is right for you. Individualized treatments will be chosen specifically for you by your licensed skin care professional and may include chemical peels, masks and other advanced exfoliation solutions that best address the unique needs of your skin.

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Based on your skin care needs, select from the options below. For optimal results, your esthetician will perform a consultation pre-service to ensure that any customization requirements are met.



Provides all the essentials: deep cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, facial massage, hydrating mask, serum specific to your needs, finished with moisturizer and SPF.

60 Minutes | $70


A refreshing and clarifying treatment for oily/acne prone skin types. Begins with an analysis followed by a deep cleanse with steam, AHA/BHA exfoliating mask, any necessary extractions, high-frequency (antibacterial & anti-aging), lymphatic massage, calming/hydrating mask, Vit A, C and Pigment gel serums and finished with moisturizer and SPF.

70 Minutes | $85


Hydrate your dry, thirsty skin with this plumping hyaluronic based facial. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation remove dirt and buff away the lackluster layer of dead skin cells. A hydrating mask is then applied and massaged into the skin for maximum benefit. Hyaluronic serum as well as moisturizer and SPF top off this quenching facial.

60 Minutes | $75



Reverse the effects of time with this gentle yet intensive facial. Deep cleansing combined with light exfoliation and the infusion of hyaluronic, Vitamin A & C, as well as peptide serums with an ultrasound waves all help turn back the hands of time to ensure seamless and youthful benefits.

70 Minutes | $85


Reduce redness, acne scars and hyperpigmentation with this brightening facial. An AHA/BHA exfoliating mask is used to penetrate the layers of skin, targeting the unwanted uneven tones caused by acne, melasma, too much UV exposure, etc. Pigment gel is used as part of the serum cocktail to ensure evenness is achieved with this illuminating facial. Finished with hydrating moisturizer of SPF to protect against potential UV damage.

60 Minutes | $75



Men need an appropriate skin care regimen as well. Deep cleansing, satisfying exfoliation and firm massage techniques are all used to enhance to much needed dermal care for the man. Hydrating masks, serums and moisturizer are all used to achieve a healthy glow.

60 Minutes | $80




Peels are magic.  They make your skin perfection and help your skincare products work more effectively.  In just a short 20-30 minute appointment, the carefully selected peel solution penetrates the top most layers of skin and facilitates the shedding of the dead skin cells where applied.  Signals are immediately sent to the bottom layers of the skin cell producing factories to bump up the cellular production resulting in more naturally occurring collagen and hyaluronic acid which equals younger skin.  The skin becomes more radiant and responds better to absorbing the results oriented skincare products since there are no layers of dead skin cells preventing the ingredients from working properly.  Making sure that the correct peel solution is selected is important as each peel is particular to certain skin types/problems.  Your expert skin care therapist will consult with you on choosing the proper solution and post treatment plan for your skin care journey!

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 acne Peel

Our customized breakout-clearing treatments simultaneously address all of the four main causes of acne, leading to an even, clear complexion. We infuse the skin with antibacterial, acne controlling ingredients. | $125

anti-aging Peel

Our rejuvenating treatments are customized to treat andcontrol fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture andlaxity. Regular treatments help to achieve and maintain a fresh, bright, youthful complexion. | $125

hyperpigmentation peel

Are you troubled by dark spots from the sun, pregnancy
or past blemishes? Regardless of the reason for your skin discoloration, our customized treatments address the underlying causes of unwanted pigment to even-out your complexion. | $125

sensitive skin peel

If you suffer from rosacea or skin that always seems red and irritated, we provide gentle treatments especially for your skin needs, infusing the skin with anti-inflammatory,redness-reducing and skin-strengthening ingredients. | $125



Choose from any of the following elevations to take your skin care treatment to the next level.


LED Mask THerapy


LED facial masks, also known as Color Light Therapy, use UV-free, specific wavelengths to boost collagen production, promote circulation, treat existing acne, kill bacteria, and accelerate skin recovery. 

20 Minutes | $30


Hand ・Foot ・Scalp Massage


Add a hand, scalp and foot massage to your skin care treatment if you’d like a little more relaxation time.

20 Minutes | $ 35



Reveal beautiful skin with quick hair removal that not only lasts longer than shaving but also looks better. Sharp clean lines and smooth skin are the only way to go! Add to a service or standalone.

Brow shaping | $18

Lip | $12

Nose | $12

underarm | $12


 Skincare Membership


 membership benefits

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Enjoy an hour-long customized facial every month. Receiving regular professional skincare treatments will boost your skin health and leave you glowing!

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Choose from a brow or lip wax complementary with your monthly facial membership.

Receive an additional 10% discount on other services and products.

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For each referral you send us we will show our gratitude by giving rewards which will vary from season to season.


60 Minute custom Facial

$60 /monthly membership

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